Vinca Minor - Periwinkle
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Botanical Name:
Vinca minor
Vinca major
Common Names:
Periwinkle lesser periwinkle, myrtle
See Also:
Periwinkle flowers and foliage
Periwinkle flowers and foliage
Periwinkle Preparation
Parts Used: leaves and seeds - Teas, tinctures, supplements

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Plant Description
Vinca minor
Vinca minor
Vinca minor
The flowers of the garden periwinkle are the inspiration of the lavender blue color name periwinkle, and this viny shrub is a popular and attractive ground cover with numerous cultivars,flower colours and variegated foliage.
Related Species:
Vinca rosea Syn. Catharanthus roseus Madagascar Periwinkle is an endangered species native to madagascar that was used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat numerous diseases, including diabetes,
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